Red Pump Kitchen

by thesoontobemurrys

There are a couple retail spaces in Charlottesville that seem to turn over pretty frequently.  One spot is on the corner of 4th St SE.  Since we’ve been here, this spot has held Enoteca and then Positively 4th Street.

If you’ve been to the downtown mall recently,  you’ll notice a  beautiful new  facade for the space and a sweet restaurant called Red Pump Kitchen.   We checked it out a couple weeks ago with some friends who were visiting.  We didn’t have reservations, but the hostesses were extremely friendly and very helpful.  They were able to fit us in within the hour.

The menu is mainly Tuscan-inspired and features small pizzas, pastas, and some entree options.  I got the squid ink tagliatelle and it was very good.  Charlie got one of the pizzas.  I think this is going to a be a go-to place for a lot of people moving forward.

Unfortunately, the service was incredibly incredibly slow.  Charlie and Leigh (our friend) both ordered pizzas that arrived a good 30+ minutes before Nate and I got our pastas.  We were almost wondering if they considered the pizzas like an appetizer, but the server didn’t mention anything.  The restaurant was also very crowded, maybe one or two too many tables for the space.  I’m hoping these are just new restaurant kinks that they will work out over the next couple of weeks.

Overall, while there has been a lot of turnover for this space, Red Pump seems like a pretty solid keeper!