Breakfast Go-To

by thesoontobemurrys

Is this the best breakfast item in Charlottesville?

from ivy provisions

“the regular” from ivy provisions

We have finally discovered Ivy Provisions, the breakfast and sandwich shop turned full service restaurant on Ivy Road just west of Charlottesville. They serve breakfast all day, sandwiches for lunch, and have recently started dinner service. The sandwiches are very good. We have had the italian sandwich (“Notorious P.I.G.”) and the roast pork sandwich (“Yo Adrian”). However, what we really love about this place is the breakfast sandwich called “The Regular.” It is an egg souffle, bacon, and cheddar on a delicious biscuit. It is thick without being too much to put in your mouth; both the egg and the biscuit are not dry; the amount of cheese is just right. Everything is in perfect proportion.

We look forward to trying their dinner. For now, The Regular is definitely our go-to breakfast in Charlottesville.