thai fried rice battle

by thesoontobemurrys

For some reason I have been getting thai fried rice every time I go to Lemongrass. Its probably my favorite lunch spot on the corner. But the other day, we got take-out from Downtown Thai after hanging out with friends on the downtown mall. So, I ordered the thai fried rice in order to compare.

I think the biggest difference between these two restaurants is the spice level scale.  Lemongrass has a 10-point scale, but in my opinion that is about 7 points too many. Most of the time I have  been there, the food is not hot no matter what number I choose between 1 and 7.  Downtown Thai has a 5-point scale, and on average is much hotter. A “3” at Downtown Thai is quite hot, almost too hot for my taste, and much much hotter than a “6” at Lemongrass.

So who won the battle? Well…it is a little hard to compare. I think I would give the nod to Downtown Thai. But I am not sure if this is just because it was at the perfect level of hotness. A “3” at Downtown is just about perfect for me.  Maybe I will ratchet up the spice at Lemongrass next time I go.