Book Mooch

by thesoontobemurrys

I love getting letters and packages in the mail, and thanks to a new find (from my sister), I’ve been getting a lot more packages recently. Book Mooch is a free site for book swapping.  You post books that you are willing to part with (harder than it seems, trust me) and receive points.  With those points, you can “mooch” books from others around the country.  When someone requests one of your books, you just pop it in the mail. I use media mail through the post office and it ends up being between $2 and $3 to ship.  If I find a book I want, I just select “mooch this book” and a week or so later, I have a new book in my mailbox.  I can manage my book wish list through the site and whenever a book becomes available, I get a little ping in my inbox.  It’s like Christmas!