Cafe 88

by thesoontobemurrys

Somewhat by chance we stopped by Cafe 88 the other day for lunch and we like what we found there.  On Fridays and Saturdays they serve what seems to be a very popular spicy beed soup (the restaurant was full and at least 80% of the patrons had the beef soup), however the manager convinced Betsy that it would be too spicy for her. The only other things they have on the menu are dim sum and “bento boxes.” We tried two different bento boxes. Each box includes a main dish, rice, and a vegetable. The cabbage was fantastic. We both had chicken and both versions were very good.  Mine was a fried chicken and  the other was a sort of BBQ’ed dark thigh.

We really liked all our food. Looking around, the beef soup and dim sum looked really good as well.  I mentioned Cafe 88 to a chinese friend and she said she likes the food there, but it isn’t real Chinese. She has only been there once though.  I got a different impression — from the terse and broken communication of the hostess/manager/cashier to the fact that nearly everybody there was asian and eating spicy beef noodle soup, to the delicious cabbage. We also saw a local chef there, which in my mind gives the place some street cred.

We will be going back here.