C & O restaurant week edition

by thesoontobemurrys

We do not always participate in restaurant week. I am always a little worried that restaurants are a little different during restaurant week, and not for the better.  But we have had some good experiences lately, so we might make it a regular thing. During the most recent restaurant week we went to C&O. Although we were a little late in making a reservation (another reason we probably don’t participate every year), we were able to score a 5:30pm reservation (just a little on the early side). We had a bad restaurant week experience about 3 years ago at C&O. Although I told myself I wouldn’t  chastise them for one bad restaurant experience we have never been back, but we have been meaning to go ever since Chef Dean Maupin took over a year or so ago. Dean was the chef for our wedding at the Clifton Inn, and we are big fans. We enjoyed his menu many times at Clifton, and even went to a cooking demo of his once — we regularly use one of the recipes he taught us.

We loved our meal at C&O and we definitely saw Dean’s mark on the food, especially compared with the last time we went to C&O. The plates were smallish, sophisticated, and spot on with flavor. The two entree’s, red snapper in a mussel broth and lamb with risotto, were fantastic. The other dishes we had, especially the profiteroles, were equally impressive. My sense is that Dean brings a slightly more modern point of view to the cuisine and presentation at C&O, one that I hope the patrons appreciate. My sense is also that restaurants are getting better at handling the demands at restaurant week.

We were very glad we braved restaurant week and will surely be back to visit Dean at his new(ish) digs.