Holy Gouda!

by thesoontobemurrys

About 20 minutes west of Charlottesville and a little north of Crozet is a monastery.  At this monastery is a group of Benedictine nuns working very hard.


The nuns make one thing — 2 lb wheels of creamy Gouda cheese. And they do an excellent job.  I am a little biased, however, because Gouda is one of my favorite cheeses.  This cheese is really good.  The Post has written about these nuns a couple of times and explain the process for making the cheese and the back-story of how a group of Gouda making nuns ended up in central VA .

You can order the cheese by mailing in an order form found on their website, but its more fun if you make the trip out to the monastery.  Directions are on the website and hours that you can purchase cheese are limited, so check the website for details.  The drive is beautiful, and the setting of the monastery is very serene. *Suggestion: grab a baguette from ABC and have a picnic in the country* Apparently one of our favorite places in C’ville, Feast, carries the cheese as well. You may be able to purchase it there in quantities less than 2 lbs at a time.

Eet smakelijk!