Happy Easter!

by thesoontobemurrys

Charlie and I usually head up to northern Virginia or Pennsylvania to spend Easter with our families. March was a bit hectic and we forgot to actually plan anything. Following up on our much overdue intention to check out some local churches we decided to go to Easter service in Charlottesville. On Sunday morning, Charlie and I got dolled up and headed to St. Paul’s Memorial Church across from the University. The church is very lovely, quite traditional, and the service (Episcopal) was a good balance between my Lutheran church experience and Charlie’s Catholic church experience. The best part – Charlie’s mom decided to drive down and join us.

It was refreshing to try something new. I’ve honestly been afraid to check out a new church and meet new people, but I made it! There weren’t a lot of people our age at the service so we may keep looking, but the church offers plenty of service opportunities, a choir, and may be a good place for Charlie and I to get more involved.