glass haus kitchen

by thesoontobemurrys

We recently went with some friends to glass haus kitchen, the new place where the X-Lounge used to be next to Bluegrass Grill. The Charlottesville 29 has a nice story written before the official opening. The chef is the chef at the now defunct Staunton Grocery. We never made it to Staunton Grocery, but heard it was one of the best restaurants in Central VA, the glass haus had a lot to live up to.

It was definitely one of the best meals I have had in a while. I would call the food modern american, with a touch of new age gastronomy. The flavors were very well thought out, and each dish had a lot to offer. Also, the service was fantastic — very knowledgeable, excited, and helpful.

I don’t think anybody at the table had a bad dish. For starters, I had the escolar crudo and it was very tasty. It came with a homemade kim chi that provided the perfect amount of acid. Bets, had the beef tartar. It was just delicious. Also, the sunchokes were very tasty. They had a smoky flavor that would have gone well with a protein later on in the meal.

I had quail and sweetbreads for my main dish. It was really fantastic. The sweetbreads were cooked perfectly. The quail had a really nice char on it. I literally ended up eating the meat off the bone like a buffalo wing. Bets had the sous vide’d short ribs, which were equally as delicious. I had a taste of a few other dishes and everything was great.

The desserts were equally as impressive, especially the fried milk…good god. My chocolate-bourbon yeast cake was unique among bourbon desserts, in that I could taste the bourbon.

Over all, this place is serious. Certainly a formidable addition to the C’ville food scene, and the flavors coming out of the kitchen I think can rival anything I have had in town. Also, the server was bragging about the bar menu, and the cocktails looked very good.

Just two criticisms. First, try to get a non-booth table. The hold-over booth from the X-lounge was a little akward when it came to a more formal dinner service. Second, given the portion size, it is a tad expensive. I think the menu may be better as a 100% tasting menu – for instance something like the Clifton Inn menu that Tucker Yoder offers. I would have been willing to have three “starter” sized plates for the same price as the starter and entree. They do offer a chef’s tasting menu for $85, so that might be the best option next time.

Overall, 5 stars and an A. Can’t wait to go back — maybe to the bar next time to try the “animal crackers.” Bravo Chef Boden.

By the way, how great are Sarah and Andrea?