one meatball place

by thesoontobemurrys

Description: Description: One Meatball Place


last thursday was the house warming party for the 500 block of west main street.  moto pho co, eloise (relocated from water street), and one meatball place opened up their doors and shared patio space to celebrate.  the hill and wood band provided some great music for the guests.

on friday, charlie and i decided to check out one meatball place for dinner.  i love the interior of this place and i think it would be an awesome spot to sit and watch some football.   the menu offers 6 different kinds of meatballs and several sauces.  they also offer falafel and salads.  both of us got the beef meatballs with marinara but charlie got the sub (3 meatballs) and i got the flat (2 meatballs).  the sandwiches were filling and well done – simple and well done.  i recommend checking it out.