McIntire Park Golf Course

by thesoontobemurrys

Right off of Rt. 250 Bypass where the wading pool and the dragon are located is the McIntire Park Golf Course.  It is a “pasture” golf course, which is to say its a giant field with the grass cut at different lengths and greens made out of sand. Although I am an avid golfer, (I mostly play at Birdwood GC), and I think every town should have a pasture course because it is (a) cheap, (b) laid back, (c) cheap. It costs $5 to play as much as you want. There is a nice man at the “clubhouse” to explain how the holes are laid out — if he is not there then you can stick your greens fee in an honor box. It seems like a great place for kids (or anybody for that matter) to come out and learn the game without the pressures of a traditional golf course.

Betsy and I had a great time playing 7 holes. Betsy has been out to the driving range a number of times, but hasn’t really been on a golf course yet except for one time 5 years ago. This was a perfect venue for her to start playing on a course. The course was mostly empty, and the the place is laid back enough so that there is no set rules about how you play the holes and in what order.

The best thing about the outing — Betsy made and honest to goodness PAR on the last hole! Are you kidding me!?!