moto pho co

by thesoontobemurrys

hurray for new restaurants in charlottesville! moto pho co will be opening up soon on main street downtown.  moto pho co.  had a special opening this evening for their fans on facebook.  they treated their fans to dinner in exchange for some feedback on their service, food, and set up.  charlie and i headed over to the old garage space just as the skies decided to open up.  we were soaked!

the space is very cool. they left the inside very simple.  the seating is communal – maybe 40-45 seats.  there is outdoor seating that we obviously couldn’t take advantage of.

the menu consists of pho (chicken, beef, veggie), pork buns, garden rolls, edamame, sweet rice pudding, and some extras.


charlie and i are at odds over what the best thing we tried was.  i liked the pork buns.  charlie liked the garden rolls.  the pho was a bit bland, but we went at the end of the night so that might be part of the reason.  the salted lemonade was super salty and was surprisingly tasty especially with the pho.  the vietnamese coffee was delicious.

i think the restaurant will be able to work out some of the kinks we witnessed tonight.  i can’t wait to try it again and hopefully have a new regular place that happens to be right across the street from us!