by thesoontobemurrys

Charlie celebrated his birthday last weekend.  Because we were at a family wedding, we didn’t really get to celebrate his big day, so I made reservations at Zynodoa in Staunton.  We had heard great things about the place and were not disappointed.  The service was excellent and the food…yumm.  The menu changes frequently based on the seasons and availability of local produce, meat, fish, etc.  Tonight, Charlie had a carmelized onion risotto that was awesome and would have made Tom Colicchio proud.  I had a chicken/pork pate that was really tasty.  The pate was light, but still super savory.  There were raisins in it which was something I had never seen before.  For a main course, Charlie picked a slow roasted pork roast that was melt in your mouth delicious and I had scallops that were sweet, buttery, and seared beautifully.  As a surprise, the waiter brought out a slice of chocolate torte with a candle for my sweet Charlie to make a wish on.  This torte was amazing…seriously…amazing.  Both of us really enjoyed Zynodoa and I would love to go back.  A+ on both food and service.

As we left, we both realized that the only other times we have been to Staunton have been on Sundays when the main street is hush hush quiet.  It was so fun to see people out, walking around, listening to music outside.   Maybe we’ll go back on a non-Sunday just to check things out.

One of the best parts of the night was the drive home.  The sun was just starting to go down.  The sky was fading to an amazing pink color that popped against the trees and blue ridge.  It was stunning.

Good birthday, Murry!