brunch at bizou

by thesoontobemurrys

some friends of ours were kind enough to watch this little guy while we were in st thomas


they wouldn’t take any money or gifts, so we offered to take them out for brunch on sunday. we were going to check out zocalo on the downtown mall, but it seems like they don’t serve brunch anymore. (?) so we walked over to bizou. the menu included chicken and waffles, meatloaf, smoked salmon with poached eggs, etc. i got the smoked salmon dish. it was very good. a bit too flavorful, but i liked it much better than their dinner options. our friends picked the hanger steak and the chicken and waffle. charlie picked the white cheddar omelet. he said the sausage that it came with was perfectly cooked. i snacked on a few of his home fries and they were delish. each dish was about $11-12. charlie and i are debating if this equals well priced or not. i was pleasantly surprised by bizou as a brunch option and plan on going back, especially with friends/guests.