top 10 in c’ville – la michoacana

by thesoontobemurrys

one of my friends asked if she could include this blog on a list of sites for people new to c’ville.  as part of the conversation, we began talking about her top 10 dishes in charlottesville and i promised that i would try each one.  the first item on her top 10 list to try…sopes from la michoacana.

(not our picture…)

this saturday, that happened to be cinco de mayo, charlie and i had lunch at la michoacana.  as you may recall, charlie and i are big fans of this place.  we ordered the sopes.  they aren’t listed in the menu on the counter, but they are included on the board up on the wall when you walk in.  they come in 3s.  a sope is a maize patty that looks like a very fat tortilla.  we ordered our dish with lengua (tongue) and it was delicious!!!  each sope had lettuce, tomato, avocado, some cheese, and cream.  it was super flavorful and 3 is definitely filling.

good call, margaret.  the sopes are goooood.