sugarleaf vineyards

by thesoontobemurrys

one of the ladies i work with will be moving to miami this week so we had a little send off for her on friday evening.  everyone met after work at sugarleaf vineyards in north garden, va.  it’s about 20 minutes south of downtown c’ville.  you can get there on 29 or 5th st extended south.  the place is tiny and up a little dirt road.  it is beautiful, quiet, and very relaxing.  we had a picnic near the grape vines under a big tree.  pascal, one of the guys who works at sugarleaf, said that they produce about 1100 cases a year.  that is not a lot.  charlie tasted the chardonnay and says that it is better than many whites he has tasted here.  it was very light.  we didn’t taste any other varieties, but my colleagues said they were delicious.  it’s nice to visit somewhere off the beaten path that isn’t on the standard list of c’ville vineyards.