tip top

by thesoontobemurrys

i feel like we’ve arrived in charlottesville.

this morning, we drove out to pantops to check out tip top diner (on 250 on pantops).  the place was busy. there was literally a line out the door when we arrived.   there was a wide range of people there (young, old, families, singles, everyone).  i ran into two people i used to work with.  the host asked us to choose the breakfast or lunch menu.  it looked like there was an even split of guests who chose the each menu. charlie and i chose the breakfast menu and got a waffle and the biscuits and gravy.  the waffle was thick and buttery.  cooked just right.  the biscuits and gravy were very tasty and such a guilty pleasure.  for $13, you can’t beat tip top.  we’re really excited to head back and try the gyros!