Devil’s Backbone

by thesoontobemurrys

Charlie and I just drove back from Lexington and decided to check out Devil’s Backbone Brewery on the way back to town.  It’s pretty far out there (45 minutes from town) and is right near Wintergreen.  The place was much bigger than I imagined it.  There is some pretty stellar taxidermy around the dining room.

Our waiter, Cole (although his shirt read Melvin) was super friendly and kept complimenting our menu choices.  It was fun! I chose the burger with fried pickles (true story) with a side of fries and Charlie chose the chili to star followed by fish and chips.  The pickles…divine…really, they were awesome – a bit spicy, crunchy, mmmm – and on the burger, perfect! If you know anything about me, you know I love french fries. These fries did not disappoint.  They were perfectly cooked, just the right thickness, and the salt ratio – yummm.  Charlie’s three bean and brisket chili was smoky and rich, and delicious, and not at all heavy – really good (we’ll be attempting our own batch this week).  Devil’s Backbone has a smoker out back and I’m sure any of their BBQ options would be great.  The fish was battered in the Vienna Lager.  They were light, buttery, and just plain ol’ good.

We did try a 1/2 pint of the Vienna Lager (Vienna-style Lager. This 2009 Great American Beer Festival Silver Medal winner is an amber colored lager medium in body with a finish that has hints of caramel and toasted nuts. This beer is brewed with four different malts resulting in its smooth malty flavor. 4.9% alcohol by volume, 20 IBUs) and a 1/2 pint of the Gold Leaf Lager (International Style Pilsner. This 2010 & 2009 two time Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal winner is pale gold in color, light body with a crisp and dry finish. 4.5% alcohol by volume, 17 IBUs).  The Gold was a bit light.  Both were quite tasty, but the pickles took the win of the evening.

I wish this place were closer to Charlottesville.  Big fan!