rotunda tour

by thesoontobemurrys

charlie and i played tourist today and took a tour of the rotunda.  there are guided tours of the rotunda and the academical village every day at 10, 11, 2, 3, and 4pm.  we have been meaning to do this since we moved here and realized we certainly needed to take a tour before we leave charlottesville.

reproduction of the first print of the academical village (from here)

at 3:00pm, charlie i met a 2nd year inside the building and she guided us and one other girl (who was trying out to be a campus guide) around the building and a small portion of the lawn.  the tour took just about an hour and during the time we learned how much the university really does love jefferson.

most of the rooms in the rotunda are still in use.  there were students studying upstairs in the dome room and a couple of meetings happening on the second floor in the east oval room and the north oval room.  luckily, the north oval room opened up on our way back down.  this might have been the highlight of the tour for me since charlie is hoping to defend his dissertation in this room next spring (fingers crossed).

it was a really nice tour and fun thing to do to break up a sunday afternoon.