petit pois

by thesoontobemurrys

petit pois is, well…petit.  have you ever been inside? it’s tiny!


a lady at my office posted a flyer for a fundraiser for the city schoolyard garden that was taking place this week at petit pois and fleurie.  you really should read about the project.  it’s pretty cool. charlottesville is such a garden-friendly place.

charlie and i already had plans to see a show at the southern last night so we made plans for a full date night and had dinner at petit pois for $30 per person (50% of the proceeds went to the city schoolyard garden project), i had mussels, risotto, and a chocolate hazelnut mousse.  charlie had a salad, chicken with mashed potatoes, and apple crisp.  the food was excellent.  flavorful, simple, and delicious.

we had a great time and added another good restaurant in charlottesville to our growing list.


kudos petit pois.  kudos!