commonwealth restaurant

by thesoontobemurrys

one of our friends was in town last weekend and arranged a nice dinner with some friends at commonwealth on the downtown mall.  at 9pm the restaurant was still super busy and we were extremely lucky to not have to wait too long for a table.  for some, the wait was an hour or more.

each table offered a little dish of pickled tomatoes and peppers  that were excellent.  there were a few specials that evening, including rabbit crepes that were really good.  i didn’t taste, but charlie thoroughly enjoyed the bit he had.

overall, i wasn’t too impressed with the menu.  the restaurant offered several appetizers that looked pretty tasty.  i had a special scallop chowder that was very thick and peppery (super peppery) and a salad with avocado, mixed greens, goat cheese (Commonwealth Salad $9 / $15 Baby Green Salad, w/ Avocado, Tomato, Local Goat Feta Cheese & Black Garlic Vinaigrette). the soup was a huge portion and i barely ate half.  charlie chose the duck entree accompanied by mango sauce and green beans (Crispy Duck Breast w/ Green Beans in Confit $23 Mango Ginger Sauce).  the duck was not seared (according to my picky husband) and the fat wasn’t rendered.  the combination of flavors didn’t quite sit right.  our friend had the pork chop (serious portion) (Grilled Timber Creek Pork Chop $23 Chorizo, Tomato & Mushroom Sauce, Fingerling Potatoes) and he wasn’t too impressed either.

we might be in the minority here on our verdict for commonwealth.  people seem to really like it if the dinner crowd coming in at 9pm was any indication.  of course the bar upstairs is great so we’ll be back.  maybe not for the food just yet.