handsome boy noodles at ten

by thesoontobemurrys

i was so excited to hear about handsome boy noodles, a pop-up pho restaurant by ten’s head chef.  the pop-up was open for one night only on sunday, the 4th from 6-11.  charlie and walked over at around 6:30 and the line was across the downtown mall and up the steps of ten.  after a little while of waiting, one of ten’s servers came out to let us know that we wouldn’t be seated until at least 8pm .  she told us that we might want to leave and come back later.  i was a little worried that if charlie and i made it home to our comfy couches, we might not get back up.  but we did.  we headed back around 9pm and it was so worth it.  we only waited for about 15 minutes and were then able to enjoy this delicious menu:

i chose the top ramen and pork belly bun #1.  charlie chose the pork belly bun #2, banh mi #2, and the seasonal kimchi and pickles.  the ramen was excellent and it was a huge portion.  i had to ask for a take out container to bring home the left overs.  the pork belly buns were amazing.  i snuck one of charlie’s and i might have liked it better than my own.  charlie was raving about the chicken skin on the banh mi and the pickled apples on the kimchi platter.  we had such a great time and i so wish this wasn’t just a pop-up restaurant.  good thing vu from zinc is planning to open a pho restaurant in town.  can’t wait!!!