brunch at clifton inn

by thesoontobemurrys

charlie’s mom came to town this morning to have brunch with charlie and me at the clifton inn.  usually clifton isn’t open for brunch because they are serving breakfast to wedding parties and families staying over from saturday night events.  i didn’t know what type of menu to expect.  we have been to the clifton inn quite a few times for dinner and had breakfast twice over our wedding weekend.  the breakfast menu was very breakfast-y.  they had eggs, french toast, etc.

this morning, charlie and i were greeted by niall (the maitre de maison) who lead us to our table by a very charming fireplace.  we were the only ones there for brunch.  the food was a amazing.  the three coarse meal was $36 (if i recall correctly).  i had a shrimp and polenta course, followed by a roasted vegetable frittata, and a toffee bread pudding.  the frittata was delicious.  it was topped with green and a light coating of the most delicious parmesan shavings.  the bread pudding had me licking my spoon.  charlie had a mixed green salad with ricotta and apples, chicken with sausage gravy, and an apple dessert.  he has been raving all day.  my mother in law had the same shrimp dish that i did, a salmon dish with cous cous, and the apple dessert.

verdict – i might prefer their brunch over some of our dinners.  it made for the nicest start to the day.  and the food was amazing!!