christmas trees

by thesoontobemurrys

west of 250 and up a bit on 151 is a small place to get a pre-cut christmas tree.  one of my colleagues recommended getting a christmas tree at a.m. fog in afton (9264 Critzer’s Shop Road).  charlie and i decided to check it out yesterday.  our little fir tree is super healthy and green.  we’ve been going to lowe’s for the past couple of years because the trees are so much cheaper that the “pop-up shops” all around c’ville.  this tree from afton was a bit more expensive than lowe’s ($45) but is much better quality than the trees we’ve had the past 2 years.  the people who work at a.m. fog were super friendly and even tied the tree to our car for us.  really nice.

our little fir is sitting in our living room looking lovely with her lights and baubles hanging from each limb. she smells good too.