by thesoontobemurrys

to celebrate charlie’s proposal success, we decided to have a nice dinner at tempo on the downtown mall.  charlie and i shared some drinks with friends there the other weekend and really liked the feel of the place.  while drinking, we checked out some diner’s dishes and they all looked excellent.  we started with their homemade ricotta and a plate of the head cheese.  i love love loved the ricotta and the head cheese was also excellent.  charlie had the pork chop.  it was cooked very well and the spaetzle was great.  i liked the cauliflower puree too.  i think charlie probably had two similar flavors with the head cheese and the pork, so he wished he had ordered differently.  i had the pappardelle.  it was good.  quite heavy and a lot of food.  i wish the pasta was a bit thinner in texture. the sauce and mushrooms were quite tasty.  it was a really nice evening and the food was good.  i would really like to check out their lunch menu sometime.  it looks delicious!