beer run brunch

by thesoontobemurrys

one of our amazing photographers from our wedding was in town this weekend for another c’ville wedding and we were able to meet up this morning for brunch before she headed back home to kansas city.  charlie and i were thinking about a good brunch option and recommended beer run.  we have been there several times for drinks, dinner, and lunch, but never brunch.

beer run has a good variety of brunch options from soups, to quiche, to sliders.  charlie and i both opted for the el guapo burrito.  the eggs were cooked perfectly and surprisingly, the burrito was fairly light.  it was delicious.  our lovely friend ordered what she nicknamed “death by sugar” – the french toast.  the french toast was accompanied by peaches, white chocolate, whipped cream and looked divine and sinful.

it was so nice to enjoy the break in the rain, sit outside, and catch up with someone so great.

have a great week.