UVA food trucks – Nacho Panda

by thesoontobemurrys

I have been slowly sampling the food trucks parked at the UVA amphitheater during lunch.  A couple days ago, I tried two “Viet beef” tacos from the  Nacho Panda truck. Unfortunately they were a little disappointing. Although the taco filling was pretty tasty, it was served in a cold tortilla that didn’t taste very good. Also, I thought that the price was a little steep, $3 per taco and no other sides (see the last post about Betsy’s shrimp tacos – 2 for $8). I thought the relatively small lines at Nacho Panda had to do with their location down in the amphitheater. I looks like there might be more to it than that, especially considering some of the other food truck options (more on this later).