Bonefish Grill

by thesoontobemurrys

Charlie and I had a bit of a date night tonight. More errand running, but we’ll keep it positive and call it a date night. After a Target run, we decided to catch dinner at Bonefish Grill. One of my students had given me a gift card to the restaurant over two years ago and we decided it was time to use it (and see if it was still valid).  The place was hopping probably due partly to the fact that it was “bang bang Wednesday”.  Bang bang Wednesdays offer $5 bang bang shrimp and apparently people love them some shrimp.  The place has sort of an Ardy’s or Coastal Flats atmosphere and surprisingly good food.  I had a Bang Bang Taco with a cup of corn and crab chowder and Charlie had the tilapia with a side of asparagus.  It is a lot of food and reasonably priced.  I know it’s a chain and not the most gourmet food, but we both enjoyed it for a casual, fun night out.

addition – it looked like a fun bar too…wish it were closer.