battle of the pig

by thesoontobemurrys

In my mind Maya might have the best pig int town. We went there with my dad (who every month or so passes through town for dinner) last week. I had two starters for dinner, fried green tomatoes and pork belly. The tomatoes were very good. The pork was prepared perfectly. There was nice crispiness and flavor on the outside. It was very meaty, and was cooked properly so that the fat had been rendered the right amount. The meat was served in a bowl nestled is a corn chowder type preparation. Bets enjoyed the mussels, which came in a creamy sauce as opposed to a the more traditional butter and garlic mix.

I had recently had some not-so-well-prepared pork belly from another restaurant, so this was a welcome treat. Thanks Maya!

Also, the Maya BBQ at the Midtown Street Festival was excellent. My vote for tops even though apparently Orzo took home the prize. Betsy preferred the Asian lettuce wrap BBQ from Zinc.