by thesoontobemurrys

forget mas to millers, we went from miller’s to mas on wednesday night.  i already mentioned the extensive beer list at miller’s and my new found love of session beer, but i didn’t mention that i followed up my beer date with another lovely lady at mas and ate the following:

Cebiche (wild caught Montauk flounder cooked w/ sweet cippolini onions in a marinade of lime juice and fresh herbs w/arugula)

Rapini (verdant, sautéed broccoli rabe w/ buttery aged Mahon cheese, toasted garlic, pinenuts, olive oil)

Gambas al’ parilla (Jumbo shrimp grilled Catalan style-in the shell-w/ garlic alioli and grey salt)

Carne asada (marinated hanging tenderloin -grilled rare only- w/ smoked tomato alioli)

the gambas were really really large and quite tasty.  the chef sprinkled on some salt that finished the dish off perfectly.  i also highly recommend the carne asada.

my date enjoyed a blood orange martini and a pomegranate martini.  word is, they’re both delicious