beat ba beat ba ba ba beat go wayside

by thesoontobemurrys

get it? a little saved by the bell flashback.

charlie and i were feeling lazy a few weeks ago and i was craving some fried chicken.  wayside was the name of the game.  the traffic pattern around wayside on jpa/fontaine is really horrible due to the construction going on.  word is that the businesses around that area are struggling a bit, just ’cause people can’t get to them and when they do, they can’t park.  parking was quite a challenge, but man, was it worth it!  we splurged and picked up a family deal so we would have some leftovers.  leftovers were just as good as the hot, freshly fried chicken.  i know it’s bad, but there is sometimes nothing better than delicious fried chicken.

recommendation, i would skip the green beans as a side.

and who knew they the serve breakfast??? we will be checking that out in the near future!