another movie theater in c’ville?

by thesoontobemurrys

clearly, i’ve been under a rock for the three years we’ve lived here or just not gone to that many movies.  charlie and i had ourselves a little date night and went to see harry potter at regal cinemas 4.  regal cinemas 4 is near marshalls behind the shopping center.  i’m not really a movie theater critic but i did enjoy the cheesy mural covering the front wall behind the snack center.  sally fields and probably a hundred other dated actors and actresses smile down at you as you splurge for $6 popcorn.

the craziest thing – there was no one there to collect your tickets after you purchase them.  a couple pulled up to the front in their flashy porsche, stood in line behind us to buy their tickets and the husband/boyfriend decided that he didn’t want to wait in line or purchase a ticket so he just walked in.  he then proceeded to get mad when his wife/girlfriend refused to sneak into the theater.  really dude?


harry potter was excellent.