by thesoontobemurrys

charlie’s happy birthday presents included a subscription to this:

which is really more a present for me since i get to eat the deliciousness that results.

and a delicious dinner to any restaurant in charlottesville.

we decided on brookville.  we’ve been to brookville before and thoroughly enjoyed the food (especially the chicken and waffle).  this time, i was super excited because we got to sit in the front part of the restaurant by the bar and i think the bricks, the little seating area, the british flag hanging from the ceiling all add to a much cooler ambiance than the back section of the restaurant. and i had high hopes.   dashed.  i don’t know what it was.  from the amuse (andouille sausage with mustard) to the corn bread (dry, but the honey butter was pretty delish) to the burger (i had heard amazing things) – i just was not impressed.  charlie really liked his tomato salad (a little too much cream and not enough salt if he had to be picky) and his pork belly seemed too fatty and not quite cooked down enough.

i feel like the concept of the food is awesome and i want this to be our go-to place, but i just was disappointed and sad.  bummer brookville.  i’m hoping for two things. 1 – i want them to book charlie’s band for some regular gigs  2 – i want to try just getting small dishes and treating their menu as more of a tapas style menu.

maybe next time.