let the ice cream/yogurt battle begin

by thesoontobemurrys

i am an arch’s fan.  5 oz. vanilla with ooey gooey brownie. period

however, i have heard that we needed to try sweet frog’s (the newest ice cream addition to c’ville) and chaps (the classic).

chaps is an old-school ice cream joint on the downtown mall.  i believe they have food…but we were in it for the ice cream, so bayley, charlie, and i took a stroll downtown.  charlie went with the oreo and i tried the golden nugget ( a mixture of nuts, caramel, vanilla).  the service was excellent and i felt like i was experiencing old-school c’ville.

charlie says “real ice cream.  you have to be in the mood, but if you are, it’s the real deal”.  i would agree.  delicious and extremely creamy.

i took an excursion down to sweet frog when i needed a quick break from the office.  going simple, i chose vanilla with some snickers on top.  here’s the deal – walk in, pick up a cup, fill it with yogurt (pay by weight), and add whatever toppings you want.  delicious, light, lovely.  i do have to be careful, because i could see myself going a bit overboard and not knowing how much i fill my cup (parents beware!).

i’m so glad charlottesville has ice cream options galore.  i think arch’s still has my vote, but it would certainly depend on my mood.

i’m so glad we have