by thesoontobemurrys

barbeque…jinx has quite the opinion of what this word means.  charlie and i stopped by jinx’s pit’s-top the other weekend to check things out.  we have heard wonderful things about jinx’s since we moved here.  my sister and her husband thought about having jinx cater their wedding rehearsal.  my b.i.l said he stepped in the door and decided to go another route.  this feedback threw me a bit based on what i had heard previously.  once we stepped in, i totally understood.

the place is a small cottage on east market street and looks pretty run down.  once you step into the house, the smell of meat, hickory and stale bread hits you like a ton of bricks.  jinx’s counter is covered with bottles, cans, papers, napkins, and cutting boards.  the small booths have sweet red benches and the walls are covered in vintage memorabilia.  jinx has talk radio playing and i would love to perch on his shoulder and see what he thinks about all day.

on to the bbq.  charlie and i ordered 2 “samiches” and a can of soda to share.  and they certainly hit the spot.  unlike any other bbq i have ever had before – which may be because i’ve been eating “fake” bbq my whole life.  it was peppery, smoky, sweet, salty, and the perfect texture sitting on some crispy “texas toast”.

the man in front of us ordered just the meat and brought his own ketchup bottle for jinx to fill up with his magic sauce.  i felt like i was witnessing a top secret meeting watching jinx mix up the sauce right in front of us.  the man had his kids coming home from college and clearly having jinx’s bbq in the fridge is somewhat of a tradition.

i can see why.