by thesoontobemurrys

charlie and i attempted to go to the new peter chang restaurant that opened in barracks north recently…alas, we needed a reservation.  not giving up, we decided to revisit kyoto in the tjmaxx shopping center up 29.  charlie and i shared the orange peel chicken, some gyoza, and mini juice buns.  it was perfect! i probably could have sipped the sauce that accompanied the gyoza directly from the bowl.  it was delicious.  the kyoto soup is quite tasty and accompanies each main course ordered (i’m pretty sure).  the flavor is really light and quite enjoyable.  the orange chicken was light and so much better than regular asian take out places.  and the mini juice buns aren’t quite up to par with the ones we had in hong kong, but still really tasty.

kyoto is casual and quite and has some great affordable food.  we’re big fans.