Had a lovely dinner…

by thesoontobemurrys

..at clifton inn last week.  oh, it was so delicious.  lovely and delicious can’t describe how good it was.  i made “friends” with clifton on facebook the other week and was reminded that they often have great deals including 50% off dinners on mondays and tuesdays through february.  my sweet little sister gave charlie and me a gift card to clifton for christmas, we needed a date night, and you couldn’t beat the deal.

it was our first time eating there since mr. tucker yoder took over as executive chef…a big round of applause mr. yoder.  seriously.

dish 1 – amuse-bouche – chicken liver mousse on brioche with some pickled deliciousness on top

dish 2 – salmon tartare (B) and rib-eye carpaccio (C).  charlie says that the carpaccio may have been the best dish he has ever had.  they were both amazing.

dish 3 – oyster stew (B) and ham and cheese ravioli (C).  team B took this one.  the soup was creamy, warming, perfect – and i don’t even like oysters…

dish 4 – tagliatelle with duck confit (B) and duck breast (C).  the duck confit was killer…the pasta was a little sweet thanks to the squash, but it was missing a little something.  the duck breast – awesome.

dish 5 – pear cake (B) and chocolate brownie something (C).  i loved the pear cake with the caramel sauce and ice cream so i give the point to team B.  charlie may disagree. his chocolate covered plate was pretty good.

mmmm…i  want to eat it all again.  we each picked our plates well and i love that we are lucky enough to have such a great restaurant in our backyard.

new life goal – i want to run a place like clifton.  maybe a little smaller…maybe my mom and dad can help us pick a place to fix up, charlie can go on a chef search around the country, and i’ll just sit at the pool.