brookville = delicious

by thesoontobemurrys

charlie and i checked out brookville this year for restaurant week.  brookville opened last june above escafe on the dowtown mall.  charlie and i had heard mixed reviews about the place, but decided it was worth a try.  it certainly was! the food was delicious and the service was great.  one thing to note is that each of our 7 collective courses, all had some sort of pork product in it.

course 1: they started us off with an amuse bouche.  pork included.

course 2: charlie had the bacon/turnip soup and i had brookville’s version of a swedish meatball

course 3: by far my favorite. i had the chicken and waffle.  really awesome.  probably one of my top 5 dishes in charlottesville.  and charlie had a pork belly with spaetzle, applesauce, and saurkraut.  delicious.  we didn’t love the ratio of meat to rest of toppings (too much pork), but everything was still cooked beautifully.

course 4:  bacon waffle with apple topping and a bacon ice cream with toffee.  even the toffee had bacon in it.

i would and will certainly return just for another taste of the chicken and waffle.  the texture combination was perfect.  the balance of savory, spicy, sweet – right on.  and the chicken was cooked just right.