home cooking (part 2)

by thesoontobemurrys

We love to eat and we do a lot of cooking at home. Over the past year or two we have been photo-documenting some of the meals that we have made. Some are complex, some are simple. Some turned out well, some didn’t.  Charlie usually handles the hot food, and Betsy usually handles the baking, but we often help each other out. Also, visiting friends often inspire meals and help out themselves. The following is a partial log of our cooking experiences over the past couple of years.

Betsy made this lasagna a few weeks ago — spinach, sausage, and a kick butt sauce.

I kind of forget exactly what is going on here.  I think our friend Dao was over and we made some sort of beef stew. Looks real good. Kudos to Dao.

Some Tilapia with baby bok choy over mashed potatoes with a vinegar romesco sauce. I seem to like fish with mashed potatoes for some reason. I have been using this romesco that I bought at Feast to dress vegetables. (see below)

This stuff has been great to use on veggies. I usually make a little dressing with it by mixing it with vinegar, salt, pepper, and olive oil.









Pork tenderloin medallion, sweet potatoes, and baby spinach dressed with yummy romesco. Betsy likes her spinach plain and steamed. Charlie likes his cooked in a pan all dressed up.