Home Cooking (part 1)

by thesoontobemurrys

We love to eat and we do a lot of cooking at home. Over the past year or two we have been photo-documenting some of the meals that we have made. Some are complex, some are simple. Some turned out well, some didn’t.  Charlie usually handles the hot food, and Betsy usually handles the baking, but we often help each other out. Also, visiting friends often inspire meals and help out themselves. The following is a partial log of our cooking experiences over the past couple of years.

Bon Appetit had a feature on meatballs some time ago. This is the Mediterranean meatball dish from that issue. It was a success. I believe the meatballs are beef. Saffron is the main flavor of the broth, served over cous cous, with some spinach and courants  on top. We made this dish a few times.

This is a little homemade chicken slouvaki. Very delicious.  It involved grilling some marinated chicken skewers, cutting up some fresh vegetables, and making the yogurt sauce from our greek cookbook. Betsy made a killer marinade for the chicken that was a little spicy. I am not sure why we don’t have this more often.

Grilled mahi-mahi, green beans, and mac-n-cheese. I think that the mac-n-cheese could have been a little better.

Yum. Cheeseburger. I was inspired by Tom Keller’s cookbook Ad Hoc at Home. I ground my own beef – half brisket and half chuck.  After grilling I put the meat on rolls and dressed them with feta cheese, avocado, romaine lettuce, and sliced red onion. The sweet potato fries are from the freezer section at Kroger, and it looks like there is some kale or chard, probably dressed with  a little romesco vinaigrette .

Red Snapper from the fish monger behind my house, onions, bell pepper, and spanish olives. I believe i served this with some mashed potatoes. We should definitely have this more often.