Jefferson Theater

by thesoontobemurrys

We’ve been so good at going to concerts recently! I’ve been wanted to see more shows, but can never bring myself to spend the money. We have been to the Jefferson Theater twice in the past couple of weeks. We decided to see Stephen Kellogg (we saw him last year at Fry’s Spring Station when Charlie won tickets on the radio) and he was awesome! The acoustics and the mix were phenomenal and I was really impressed. Then last weekend, we took my little sister to see Ingrid Michaelson. Her openers, the Guggenheim Grotto, were really good and again, the Jefferson impressed me with the sound. I really like all of Ingrid’s songs and was super excited but ended up kind of disappointed in the show. The energy was kind of funky. They used tracks. And the mix was off for some reason. Ingrid is still very talented and I still love all of her songs, but maybe not live.
I do greatly appreciate living so close to such a quality concert venue…