j crew warehouse sale in lynchburg

by thesoontobemurrys

while sitting at bodo’s saturday morning, charlie and i decided to take a road trip down to lynchburg. i’ve been having the shopping itch (much to charlie’s delight) and wanted to check out the j crew catalog store (and possibly covesville antiques). our friend dao tagged along for the adventure. as we pulled into the warehouse parking lot, my heart started to flitter just a bit at the sight of all those cars. we stumbled onto a warehouse sale without even knowing it! i’m sure charlie was cringing, but he was such a trooper. after a long wait in line and hours of tearing through boxes and boxes, i found charlie loaded down with clothes. he did quite well for himself. and dao made his first j crew purchase (not sure how this is possible). we ended up having a blast and snagged some amazing deals.

all for $120!!!

*those shoes are listed for $159.99 on the jcrew website and i grabbed them up for $30!