some additional vendors

by thesoontobemurrys

There are some additional people/vendors from our wedding that cannot go without a review/recommendation:

Instead of little knick-knacks as wedding favors, we figured people might want a little bit of deliciousness at the end of the long evening. I contacted Spudnuts in Belmont (blogged about here) months ago to see if they could make enough donuts for all of our guests. Lori, who I think owns the store with her husband, was so lovely to work with. The store actually wasn’t open on the 3rd, but she came in early in the morning to bake us 130 donuts and have them ready for our big day. The donuts came out towards the end of the reception and were a huge hit! We had Clifton put individual donuts in wax bags with a sticker saying “Enjoy”. People grabbed them up as they were leaving for the night (or grabbed about 20 and brought them down to the pool area). Spudnuts was fabulous!

When I was working at rockpaperscissors, I fell in love with Heather Rolfe’s calligraphy. Heather Rolfe of Heather Belle Ink does some of the calligraphy for Monticello (or did at one point) and was able to print escort cards for our wedding. I met Heather down at Caspari and gave her the list of names and the cards. She could not have been sweeter and was even able to print out the text for our program covers. They were beautiful!!!

I had a lot of trouble deciding what to get Charlie as a wedding gift (and to be honest, considered not getting him one). Amy, over at scarpa, has the most amazing painting of her late dog Bruiser. I’ve been admiring it for quite a while and finally figured out that I should get Charlie a painting of Bayley. The painting of Bruiser was done by Sharon Shapiro. I love her work and contacted to see if she could do the painting of Bayley. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford a Sharon Shapiro painting, but I remembered that my friend Erin knew Kathryn Barton of Skylight Studios and actually had just received a painting as a wedding gift from Kate of her dog, Suki. Kate was so wonderful to work with and the painting of Bayley is awesome. Charlie saw it and fell in love (he may have cried a little).