by thesoontobemurrys

new fun hang out spot!

last night, one of our good friends asked charlie and i to join him at eloise to see kiki slaughter‘s work (part of the first fridays series in c’ville). first of all – how cool is the name kiki slaughter?! kiki’s work is beautiful. very textural. i’m definitely a fan and hope one day to be a millionaire art collector with a beautiful house with so much art that some is leaning against walls rather than hanging.

anyway, after the art “gathering” and after admiring the ever lovely collections of clothing and accessories at eloise, dao, his lovely friend sarah (who i thoroughly enjoy), charlie, and i meandered across the downtown mall to escafe. charlie and i have never been and were very excited to try something new. apparently sarah and her lady friends from darden are frequent visitors and for good reason. i had a bison burger (based on sarah’s recommendation) and it was delicious! the sparkling wine was enjoyable as well. what’s fun about escafe is the laid-back atmosphere. they have awesome specials including 1/2 price wine bottle deals and a 20% off food discount for students!

what a good night.