Cafe Cubano

by thesoontobemurrys

We have been horrible downtown mall visitors. Charlie and I are such fans of Marco and Luca’s noodles and dumplings that we have been remiss in visiting Cafe Cubano which is right across the way. One of my co-workers and I were needing a little bit of a breather from the office yesterday and ended up on the downtown mall. After veto-ing Baggby’s, the new Mexican hole-in-the-wall at the Jefferson, the hot dog cart, and losing Revolutionary Soup somewhere in the chaos, we ended up at Cafe Cubano. I had one of the combos (the half panini and soup combo) with a smoked salmon panini (I was craving some smoked salmon once I saw it on the menu) and the soup of the day (a tomato bisque). It really was delicious. I’m not much of a panini eater as I find that 9 and a half times out of 10, they are way too greasy – but this was part of the remaining 1/2 of 10 and was not greasy at all. I am a big fan! Some ladies next to us has two different variations of the popular Cuban sandwich (I asked the woman behind the counter what the most popular sandwiches are) and they looked like some seriously delicious sandwiches. I’m thinking I might have to return soon and try them. Here is the menu just in case you want to look before you head over.

Cafe Cubano can definitely hold their own against Marco and Luca’s and that is saying something 🙂