by thesoontobemurrys

So, a friend of ours knows some people who work at Cassis and he took us out for dinner there the other night. We actually didn’t realize Cassis was worth checking out… The first time we went to Cassis was the first time we went out to bars in Charlottesville. It was a weird scene filled with cougars and “interesting” music. We basically wrote off Cassis, but we were wrong.

All the food we had for dinner was delicious. Our friend had the steak tartar as an appetizer and loved it. We all split roast duck breast with blue cheese polenta – yum. Betsy and friend had sea scallops, which were are waitress’ favorite dish on the menu and I had the lamb. It tasted like it was slow cooked all day — very tender and sweet. The whole menu seemed to have an autumn feel. The lamb was very much comfort food with lots of autumn/winter flavors and the sea scallops were very rich.

Cassis is on Water St. right next to Mono Loco, across from the Clock Shop. It is a little pricey, but we put it in the same category as Zocalo, so it’s worth it. Also, it’s a popular spot for Darden professors and wine tasting parties, so it seems to have a solid reputation.