Dear Bayley

by thesoontobemurrys

Dear Bayley,

Recently you were at Old Dominion Animal Hospital and were given your rabies vaccination. There is a law in Virginia that requires your vet to notify the local Treasurer’s Office whenever they vaccinate an animal.

At this time, in the records at City Hall, it does not appear that your owner has bought you a current dog tag. Dog tags are required on every dog more than four months of age and the tags are required to be purchased every year by the last day of January. If by chance you actually DO have a City of Charlottesville Dog License for 2009, please have your owner call (434)970-3157 and ask us to correct our records.

Please ask your owner to fill out the application form, send it to City Hall in the enclosed envelope, along with the appropriate fee, and we will mail a license to your home. If this is not done within 30 days, it will have to be reported to Animal Control that an unlicensed dog lives at your house.

Seriously….this is the letter we got in the mail the other day….addressed to Bayley Murry.

#1 – Bayley gets a name change before I do! Who knew he wasn’t a Moats anymore…
#2 – Charlottesville is seriously on top of their game
#3 – Vienna is not…and neither is Newark, DE

Bayley has his first license for a whopping $4!