Charlottesville Tire

by thesoontobemurrys

We bought our car last July, which means every July from now until it kicks the bucket we need to get a Virginia State inspection. In Northern VA the typical process is to get up really early in the morning and drive to a gas station who does inspections and get in the inspection line. It can take anywhere from 30min to 2 hours (depending on how long the line is), and I think I remember it costing about $40. I haven’t observed this behavior in C’ville, so I decided to take another approach. First I walked over to the auto shop right near our house and the very friendly lady at the front counter said that they were very busy and I could have an appointment in a few days.

So then I drove a few more blocks down the road to Charlottesville Tire. They are located at 843 West Main St. in Charlottesville. I walked in not expecting to get an inspection. They appeared to be very busy, which was confirmed when I talked to the guy behind the counter. After talking to him for a short while he could squeeze me right then, which was the only time I could do it because Betsy had to take the car to work in an hour. The inspection took 10 minutes, and the whole operation they had going seemed to be running really tight. Also, I forget the guy’s name who was behind the counter, but he was very nice.

This seems like a great place to take your car, and I will be recommending them to anybody who asks for a mechanic.