The Bavarian Chef

by thesoontobemurrys

The Bavarian Chef and my family are dear friends. My parents discovered the restaurant when my sister was an undergrad at UVA. The restaurant quickly became part of our routine – we visited every time we were on our way either to or from Charlottesville. If I’m not mistaken, we ate at the Bavarian Chef for Caroline’s college graduation dinner.

The restaurant offers traditional German fare and a lot of it. Each table not only gets to order individual entrees, but a selection of the side dishes are then served family style. This might be my favorite part of the restaurant. Their whipped potatoes are awesome – lots of butter, some smoked bacon, deliciousness. There is a potato dumpling dish, creamed corn, green beans, whipped potatoes, spaetzle, carrots, zucchini, red cabbage – and if I remember correctly there are free refills on these.

The entrees are a little hard to pronouce but are fun to taste. Some of the dishes I have had are better than others. Most recently I tried the Wiener Schnitzel. I can’t say that I loved it. It seemed a little too breaded and over cooked. Their roasted pepper soup with crab meat was great though! Their sausage entree is huge – 3 huge sausages on top of kraut.

Whatever you get, be prepared for a lot of food. And make sure to check out the boot of beer!