Michael’s Framing

by thesoontobemurrys

I bought Charlie some artwork for his upcoming birthday (shhh…he hasn’t seen it yet) and got it framed at Michael’s. I brought the artwork in to be framed in April and still don’t have it because Michael’s messed it up…uggggh. I picked two different frames that coordinated…when I went to pick up the prints, the frames didn’t match what I had picked. Apparently, the company that supplies the frames to Michael’s changed one of the frames and the frame I had chosen was no longer available. I was totally pumped about the frames I had picked so I was really bummed and shocked that no one had noticed or told me about the change. I had to talk to Michael’s 3 – count ’em – 3 times to get this all resolved and I still don’t have the prints. Hopefully the new frames I picked (which they are not charging me for) will be the right ones.

I also framed a print Charlie does know about and there was fuzz under the glass – so they’re re-doing that one too.

Totally bummed and will definitely be checking out other framing options in Charlottesville for future framing.

Stay tuned for other framing choices in C’ville (I have some other projects to be done).

Once his birthday comes and goes, I’ll post pictures of the prints and frames.